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How to Resolve QuickBooks Running Slow Issues in Multi-User Mode?

QuickBooks Multi-user mode is a built-in feature that has aided many businesses in using the application. As the name implies, multiple users can collaborate on the same company file without causing confusion. Each user must have the QuickBooks License installed on their workstation in order to use the feature. QuickBooks Multi-user mode not working is a problem that occurs when workstations attempt to launch a company file located on the server computer. The error message is not always displayed, but QuickBooks continues to run in single-user mode. This blog is a discussion of various manifestations of the same error. It can range from the inability to enter multi-user mode to error codes H202, H505, and the 6000 series.

Learn how to set up QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store in this article. If you read the entire article and still have questions, you can contact a QuickBooks specialist. The contact information is provided below this article.

You can eliminate multi-user mode errors by carefully following the troubleshooting steps; however, if you still require assistance, please contact us at  +1(844)563-1541

What is QuickBooks multi-user mode?

QuickBooks Pro and Premier’s multi-user mode 1 allows multiple users to work on the same company file at the same time. Every user must be networked and have their own QuickBooks permit. To enable multi-user mode, go to QuickBooks’ File menu and select “Multi-User Mode.”

A database in multi-user mode allows multiple users to access it at the same time. All database connection requests are coordinated by a broker, and servers retrieve and store data on behalf of clients. The broker process locks the database to prevent it from being opened by another broker or single-user process.

How does multi-user function?

A multi-user system consists of a single system that can be accessed by multiple users, each of whom can see their own local view of the system. This is referred to as a working space. If a user makes changes to his local view working space, those changes are not visible to other users until the user saves them in a master system. 1396 AP Shahrivar 8

How much is a multi-user license for QuickBooks?

The price should be $299/seat. You may also purchase it thru a partner/reseller for less than $250.Shahrivar 6, 1399 AP

Reasons that User is Unable to Run QuickBooks Multi-user Mode

  • QuickBooks is not installed on the server computer.
  • Firewall or antivirus software is not allowing communication between user computers.
  • The QuickBooks Database Server Manager is unable to access your QuickBooks company file.
  • Windows file permissions are not properly set which leads to issues like user unable to run QuickBooks in multi user mode.
  • Incorrect hosting settings of the QuickBooks Desktop application on the server that is hosting the company file.
  • The DNS settings are either corrupt or incorrect.

Why is QuickBooks so slow in multi user mode

QuickBooks running slowly is a glitch that could be caused by a variety of factors. It usually occurs when your system does not meet QuickBooks’s requirements or when you are using an outdated version of QuickBooks. However, the primary cause could be the system’s lack of internet security, and your system RAM could be impeding performance. QuickBooks may be running slowly for a variety of reasons.

What Are the 8 Causes of QuickBooks Online Slowness?

QuickBooks is a sophisticated software that handles a large amount of data. The problem “QBO Running Slow” occurs as more data is added to the QuickBooks Company file and the loading time continues to increase. A variety of factors could be to blame for QuickBooks taking longer than usual in terms of performance and response time. Here are some of the possible causes that can help you determine the best troubleshooting method for your situation

  1. It takes place when QuickBooks is not updated to its latest release.
  2. When your system is unable to meet the basic requirements for QuickBooks to run smoothly.
  3. Your system is running on low RAM.
  4. Due to damaged or missing QBWUSER.INI file.
  5. Due to a corrupted hard drive.
  6. Another reason can be issues related to QuickBooks Desktop Installation.
  7. Due to Damaged or missing program files.
  8. Due to damaged windows operating system.

Why is Running Slow In QuickBooks Multi-User Mode?

  • When there are many users using the same module at the same time.
  • The host computer which contains the Data File works slow.
  • When the size of the data file is too large in terms of Data File Size.
  • Due to using the defective network or the “network interface card” is slow.

Issues That Affect QuickBooks Running Speed

  1. QuickBooks Online is slow when it is unable to rebuild the data file.
  2. When it can’t update the file.
  3. Lost connection with the data file.
  4. The failed reinstall also affected QuickBooks performance.
  5. When users use the multi-user mode, QuickBooks performance decreases.
  6. License information isn’t available.
  7. Aso, when the new printer is not able to print.
  8. Unable to copy and move the QuickBooks data file

What Is the Need for QuickBooks Performance Optimization?

When you try to open the QB application, you may receive the message “QuickBooks is unable to start” or “QB utility is slow to open.” This problem can cause a decrease in your daily work and fluctuating productivity. In this case, you are squandering your time and energy. As a result, optimising QuickBooks performance is required to work properly with your projects.

Need Professional Assistance!

As we near the end of this blog, we hope that we have been successful in providing you with all of the pertinent information that you require in order to resolve the issue, such as QuickBooks running slowly. Following the solutions we have mentioned above can help you get rid of the problem you are having. However, suppose the problem persists even after using the appropriate troubleshooting method. In that case, you should contact our QuickBooks support expert by dialing our qerror006 Helpline Number, who will then provide you with the best solution.

QuickBooks error

Setup-Setup Guide on QuickBooks tool Hub

The QuickBooks tool hub desktop application has many useful tools that can help you solve problems with your QuickBooks software. The main tab has a section that contains the tools you need. A support section is located on another tab. It can be very helpful if you have any problems with QuickBooks. There is a limit to the number of tools you can install on one desktop. There are many tools available!

Prior to the launching of the QuickBooks tool hub, each user who experienced problems downloading or using the QuickBooks software application had to download the necessary diagnostic tools separately. With these specific repair tools installed on your computer, you can always look for a repair option with minimal time spent on your part, regardless of the bugs and faults that come your way. It is a one-stop shop for fixing all QuickBooks issues.

The QuickBooks Tool Hub has many benefits.

The QuickBooks tool hub can help you solve problems installing your QuickBooks desktop software. The QuickBooks tool hub can help you solve all sorts of problems related to company files. The tool can also resolve problems arising from uninstallation and installation. These are just a few of the many benefits of the QuickBooks tool hub. Continue reading to find out more. (*) The official website of Intuit contains the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

How to fix the error of QuickBooks Tool Hub?

  • First, open the tool hub and then choose your company file. The process will take approximately one minute. Once the installation is completed, you can select the tools you want. To improve the tool hub, you can provide feedback and suggestions. The QuickBooks developers can also hear your opinions.
  • You can also download the QuickBooks tool hub directly from the official website at intuit. This tool is free to download and does not require a subscription. You must have the most recent version of Microsoft to install QuickBooks Tool Hub. Visit the official website to download the most recent version of these programs. This software requires Windows 10 64-bit. You can repair common errors using the QuickBooks tool hub after the installation.
  • You can also use the QuickBooks tool hub to fix company files’ problems. After choosing the tool, you will see a list of all issues you have encountered. Follow the steps by clicking on the tab “Company File Problems.” To resolve issues, you can also use the Help menu. The QuickBooks tool hub will help you locate your login credentials. This hub can fix file problems or missing lists in your company.

Troubleshooting with the QuickBooks Tool Hub

You may need the QuickBooks Tool hub if you have difficulty installing your software. The QuickBooks Tool Hub offers many options to help you troubleshoot your problems. It includes troubleshooting common Windows shortcuts or error messages. You can use the tools in the QuickBooks tool hub to troubleshoot common problems like error 3371. These tools can be used to fix any errors in your program. This tool can be used on both Macs as well as Windows computers.

  • Logging in to your QuickBooks software is the first step. Several tabs in the software can help you resolve common problems. Installation Issues is the first tab. It helps you fix installation problems. The hub also contains a clean installation tool and a diagnostic tool. Password reset is the second tool. It allows you to reset your password and re-enter it. There are ways to recover your password if you have forgotten it.
  • The Troubleshooting tab is another option available on the tools hub. It might be time for your computer to be restarted if you have encountered problems with your network. 
  • After successfully installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can begin troubleshooting issues. This tool can fix errors, including QuickBooks installation and company file problems. The software includes the QuickBooks File Doctor, which can diagnose and correct problems with your company files. You can learn more about the tools and how they work in the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The QuickBooks Tool Hub can help you resolve network issues.
  • Quick Fix my Program is a quick and easy way to fix most issues with QuickBooks. This tool scans your computer to find small errors in your software. It can take up to 20 minutes for the scan to complete. After it is done, restart your computer. The QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair Tool is another useful tool in the QuickBooks tool hub. These tools can help you fix issues with your company’s PDF files. This tool is useful if your system has a problem printing or if you have a Windows issue.

Common Errors QuickBooks Tool Hub Can Help You Fix

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is a free tool that can help you fix common problems in QuickBooks software. The tool integrates all available tools to fix common errors and issues in QuickBooks. This tool is a great alternative to the network and installs diagnostic tools. These tools were created to solve problems in the installation or network connections.

Intuit understands the importance of diagnostic tools and created the QuickBooks tool hub: This tool allows you to identify common problems before they get worse. For example, losing company data or login credentials. Intuit’s support staff is available to help you with any questions or suggestions. You can also complete a survey to help improve the company’s service.

If you recently purchased it, you may have encountered a problem with installing QuickBooks software: This tool will help you reset your password. Forgot your password? Enter it in the “Forgot Password?” section of the QuickBooks tool hub. Follow the prompts. It will give you a new password to log in to your company file. It can also fix problems related to network connectivity or installation.

Hence, the above article will help you learn about the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Also, it will help you resolve all issues you are confronting. For more, contact the qberror006 expert.

QuickBooks error

How do I solve QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371?

This blog post tackles QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371, a common problem with QB desktop software for businesses. The site also goes into potential reasons for QuickBooks error 3371 and fixes that might work. Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software is another option for repairing damaged QB data files. Data files from QuickBooks 2021 or earlier versions can be fixed.

Despite its features-rich (and quite trustworthy) Accounting software for professionals, QuickBooks suffers issues reported and debated in user forums. One of these issues is the 3371 error code for QuickBooks

What is the QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371?.

The following situations would result in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise displaying an error code 3371 and the message “QuickBooks cannot load the license information”:

  • If you’re trying to open or activate QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software
  • While reconfiguring your desktop

The problem usually happens due to damaged or missing QuickBooks File. The 3370 QuickBooks error by using one number of status codes listed below:

QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371

QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371: Causes and Solutions

Below are some reasons for The QuickBooks Error Code 3371, as well as the solutions:

1rd Reason: Issues with registration and licensing

The encrypted installation data for QuickBooks Desktop is stored in the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file, which is part of the QuickBooks Entitlement file. The file contains the product and license details needed to complete QuickBooks validation. The QuickBooks Desktop Version installation’s validation process for QuickBooks.

QuickBooks won’t open if the ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml’ file becomes corrupted or damaged; it may also display the message “QuickBooks 3371 problem with a status number 11104.”


Deleting and re-creating the QB ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml’ file may help resolve the QuickBooks 3371 error. To do this take these steps:

  1. Exit QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)
  2. Shut down all QuickBooks procedures. To do so:
    • Task Manager. Open the Task Manager.
    • On on the processes tab, find QBW32.EXE. Select it, after that, select to close the process. Repeat this process for each instance of QBW32.EXE.
  3. Start your QuickBooks Access Data folder on you Windows OS by following these steps:
    • Use the keys “Windows + R” to open “Run” dialog box.
    • In the Run dialog box, enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6) and hit OK.
    • From the dialog box that pops-up, right-click the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and click Delete.
  4. Start QuickBooks once more and then follow directions to sign up your QuickBooks software.


  • These steps are compatible with QuickBooks versions 2013 to 2016
  • For certain earlier versions of the QuickBooks program, users are able to contact Intuit to finish the registration process as it could be complex.

2rd Reason: Accessing a shared network to access a QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise file

In the event that you attempt to access a QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise file over a shared network without first storing it locally on your machine, you may see the “QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371″ message. Because the save file might be opened by other network users, an inadequately saved file may disappear or become damaged.

The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise file locally on your computer prior to connecting to it via on the network shared with others.


If, however, the QuickBooks file gets lost or is damaged, the QuickBooks File Recovery software could be very helpful. Here’s how:

  • It is able to repair severely damaged and damaged QuickBooks files.
  • Retrieves the data from the file in the original format
  • Its intuitive, rich GUI makes it easy and smooth recovery
  • It is able to fix all kinds of issues in QuickBooks Data File
  • The trial trial for free gives you an opportunity to preview the recovered data that is an excellent value

3rd Reason: Missing or broken installation file or component

There can be a missing or corrupted file or component needed to run QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Typically, this denotes two things:

QBregistration.dat The information for licensing your QuickBooks account is contained in this QuickBooks Desktop Installation file. When the “QBregistration.dat” file is corrupt, QuickBooks won’t be able to open.

MSXML component To use QuickBooks on your desktop, you must first install the Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) component. The Qbregistration.dat file, which is necessary to launch QuickBooks, is accessed by the component. Therefore, if the MSXML component is broken or missing, you won’t be able to start your QuickBooks Desktop edition.


Take these actions to fix the error 3371 on QuickBooks Desktop:

Note: Make sure you close all running QB programs prior to download or using any QB tool.

1. Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub

Note: If you’ve already downloaded the tool hub, skip step 2.

Download and install the most recent Version from the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.

Follow the instructions on the screen and accept the terms and conditions.

After installation is completed Once the installation is completed, double-click the QuickBooks Tool Hub’ icon on your desktop. This will bring up your QuickBooks Tool Hub window.

Step 2: Run 3371 Error Fix

  • Within the QuickBooks Tool Hub window, select Troubleshooting Installation.
  • Select the 3371 error fix Click on 3371 Error Fix, then click on the “OK” button.

4rd Reason: Old Windows OS:

It’s possible that you’re using an outdated version of Windows, which might cause a damaged or unsuccessful installation of QuickBooks Desktop.


Take these actions to ensure that you’re Windows OS is updated:

  1. Click on the Windows icon.
  2. Choose the All Programs Then click Windows Update.
  3. After the updates have been installed After the updates are installed, you can install QuickBooks again.

Note: Follow the steps above or contact the System Administrator for Windows updates.

5rd Reason: QuickBooks File is Being Blocked by Antivirus Software

If you have an antivirus product like AVG Anti-Virus PC Internet Security or another similar one installed on your computer, it’s probable that QuickBooks Error 3371 will occur. The affected QuickBooks Desktop files can be quarantined (or isolated).


Examine the deleted QuickBooks files and then restore the needed files.


‘QuickBooks Enterprise Error 3371’ could be brought on by corrupted or missing data in a QuickBooks file. The QuickBooks Entitlement Data File may be malfunctioning, you may be using an outdated version of Windows, or you may be trying to access a shared network file that you haven’t stored on your computer.

QuickBooks error

Tips POS Systems That Integrate With QuickBooks

Using a point-of-sale (QuickBooks POS) system that interfaces with your QuickBooks accounting software can make it easier to keep track of your finances. You’ll save time that would otherwise be spent inputting the same data, such as daily sales statistics, into two distinct systems.

Although many POS systems interact with QuickBooks, their prices and features differ. As a result, determining the best system for your company entails comparing several options based on these criteria.

To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top five POS systems that interact with QuickBooks accounting software (listed alphabetically). These products were chosen from our Retail POS Software Front Runners report. Our entire product selection technique may be found here.

What exactly is a QuickBooks POS system?

A point-of-sale (POS) system is a mix of hardware and software that integrates with QuickBooks allows you to sell and manage your products and services. A POS system, in its most basic form, is an interface that a cashier uses at the checkout to ring up purchases.

Most current POS software, on the other hand, offers complex functions to assist with inventory management and replenishment, personnel scheduling and permissions, bundling and discounting, and customer management.

What is QuickBooks, and why is QuickBooks POS connection required?

QuickBooks is an accounting program that allows you to keep track of your sales, expenses, and everyday transactions. It can be used to generate reports, invoice clients, pay bills, file taxes, and do a variety of other things.

QuickBooks connectivity with your POS solution allows you to transfer sales data from the POS to QuickBooks in live time. It will assist in reducing the time-consuming procedure of manually inputting end-of-day sales data or preparing invoices. You can put the time saved to better serve your consumers.

QuickBooks POS by Intuit: The most seamless accounting integration

QuickBooks POS

Because QuickBooks POS connects with QuickBooks automatically, there isn’t much to say about it. However, there is still much to be said about what makes QuickBooks a solid POS option.

The price structure of QuickBooks distinguishes it from competing POS systems. It’s one of the few POS systems that doesn’t charge a monthly subscription and instead allows you pay a one-time cost for access to its capabilities. Though this has a higher initial out-of-pocket expense, it is a more cost-effective decision in the long run.

QuickBooks POS also includes a slew of useful POS features, including:

  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Reporting tools
  • Customer data management
  • Payroll management
  • Loyalty program

QuickBooks is not the most targeted point-of-sale solution. It’s not designed for a certain industry, but it’s a good generic solution that makes accounting a breeze.

Notice: Our research at qberror006 is intended to provide general product and service suggestions. We cannot guarantee that our recommendations will be the greatest fit for any individual or organization, so consider your specific needs when selecting products and services.

POS systems that integrate with QuickBooks FAQ

Does QuickBooks integrate with my current POS system?

  • QuickBooks will most likely interact with your present POS system. If you are unsure, contact your current POS system provider and inquire whether you may link QuickBooks with your account.

Are all QuickBooks integrations created equal?

  • No. Some firms have built their own integration, some have had QuickBooks build their integration, while yet others have had a third party build their integration. Third-party integrations are not used in any of our recommendations.
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Guidelines To Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029 is one of the complex errors that most of users might confront. When it comes to updating the QuickBooks payroll, the screen displays the same error code. It is a suggestion to quick-fix such obstacles as immediately as possible, to continue work on QuickBooks accounting software smoothly. With this blog, you will come to know about the causes and solutions to the QuickBooks error 12029 properly.

Causes of the QuickBooks Error 12029:

  • Incorrect SSL setting
  • Internet connection problems.
  • QuickBooks update timeout.
  • Wrong Firewall and internet security setting.
  •  Internet latency causing the timeout. 
  • Your internet browser is not supporting the QuickBooks.

After analyzing the causes of the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029, you should find the solution to fix it permanently. However, you can go through the below-mentioned solutions to resolve such QuickBooks error codes completely from the root.  

Check Out the Feasible Solutions For The QuickBooks Error 12029:

Solution 1:

Stable The Connection Problems:

  • What you need to do is to download the TLS 1.2 utility from the Intuit website. 
  •   Next, you should consider setting your Internet explorer up as a default browser.
  •  Try accessing QuickBooks and check for the error you are getting.

Solution 2:

Configure Your Internet Security And Firewall Setting: 

  •   To do so, you should download the file doctor tool on your first step.
  •  Then, you will have to run this troubleshooting tool.
  •  It will surely configure Internet security (Antivirus) and windows firewall.
  • Once done, check if the error still appears.  

Solution 3:

Consider Updating the QuickBooks:

  •  On your first step, you should go to the ‘Help’ section.
  • Navigate to the ‘Internet Connection Setup’ option.
  •  Here, an option appears, saying ‘Use the internet setting of my computer to make the connection’
  •   Just click on it and try updating the QuickBooks by selecting the ‘Update QuickBooks’ option.

Solution 4:

Reconfigure The QuickBooks Payroll:

  •  First of all, unplug the wireless router and then turn it on after waiting 10 to 15 seconds.  
  • Then, go to the QuickBooks.
  • Open the ‘Company File’ and press the ‘CTRL’ + ‘K’ key to open a new window.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ option and remove the check from the ‘Open Payroll Setup’ option. 
  •  After you have done successfully, you should check for the error.

What Else If You Are Still Getting Such Error?

Despite the availability of these solutions that you implemented to deal with it, you might still face the same error. You should try approaching the professional’s QuickBooks support for help to tackle down QuickBooks Error 12029. As a result, you can get rid of this hurdle completely from the root, in a couple of seconds. So, you don’t need to worry as the solution is 100% sure and you will start working on QuickBooks flawlessly.

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QuickBooks Not Opening after Windows 10 Update

After Windows 10 update, you could have trouble opening the QuickBooks software. Many QB users frequently experience this problem, which prevents them from accessing their QuickBooks Company file (QBW). There are a few solutions that might help you fix the problem before contacting a skilled expert or Intuit assistance. Let’s first examine the root of the issue, though, before talking about these solutions.

Note: If you searched the QuickBooks site, QuickBooks Help, and Google all to no avail. Our apparently “error code” or “QuickBooks error code list” search of Intuit is too much for us to understand.

Reasons for QuickBooks Not Opening after Windows 10 Update

Following are two reasons why QuickBooks won’t open after Windows 10 update.

  • An issue with Windows upgrades
  • Compatibility issues between QuickBooks and Windows 10
  • Incompatibility with Internet settings may cause the QB program to crash

Whatever the cause, launching QuickBooks can be annoying since it limits access to data until QB is corrected, which can be aggravating.

How to Fix QuickBooks Not Opening after Windows 10 Update?

Following are some workarounds you can try to resolve the ‘QuickBooks not opening after Windows update’ issue:

Solution 1 – Restore to a Previous Build (Version) of Windows 10

Several users reported that after restoring Windows 10 to an earlier version, they were able to open QuickBooks without issue. This will remove any apps or drivers that were installed after downloading upgrades and may have prevented QB from opening.

To restore to a previous Windows 10 version, follow these steps:

  • Click the Windows Start icon, click ‘Settings.’ On the ‘Settings’ screen, click ‘Update & Security.’
Windows 10 Update

Click the ‘Recovery’ tab from the left pane, and look for the ‘Go back to an earlier build’ section. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button and follow the window prompts.

Windows 10 Update

After you’ve restored Windows 10 to an earlier build, re-install QuickBooks to see if it solves the problem.

The Advantages and disadvantages of This Method

This is a temporary fix, not a permanent one. You will also be unable to use apps released with the most recent Windows 10 update. You won’t be able to use Windows Mail or other apps after downgrading to Windows 8.1, for example.

Solution 2-  Troubleshoot Compatibility

  • In the Windows search bar, type QuickBooks. Once you have found the QuickBooks application, right-click on it, and then select ‘Open File Location.
Windows 10 Update Open File Location.
  • Select and right-click on the QB file, and then click ‘Properties.’
Windows 10 Update
  • On the Properties dialog box, click the ‘Compatibility’ tab, and from the ‘Run the program in the compatibility mode for’ drop-down box, select Windows OS (8.1/8/7).
Windows 10 Update
  • Click Apply, and then press the OK button.

Now try opening QB. If it doesn’t open, try the workarounds below.

The Advantages and disadvantages of This Method

Running in compatibility mode with an earlier version of Windows 8.1/8/7 would prevent you from accessing features available in the most recent Windows 10.x update.

Solution 3- Block QuickBooks Access to the Internet

Caution! This workaround necessitates preventing the QuickBooks executable file (QBW32.EXE) from connecting to the Internet. Disabling this QB feature may result in the loss of the QB installation and its data. So, before attempting this workaround, make a backup of your data.

Add a firewall rule to prevent the QuickBooks executable file (QBW32.EXE) from connecting to the Internet, and you should be able to launch QB normally. To do so, take the following steps:

  • On the system where you’re getting the ‘QuickBooks not opening’ issue, open Control Panel, and then select Windows Firewall.
Open Windows  10 Firewall
  • On the Windows Firewall window, click ‘Advanced Settings’ from the left navigation pane.
  • When the ‘Windows Firewall with Advanced Security’ window appears, click Outbound Rules.‘ Next, from the ‘Actions’ pane in the right, click the ‘New Rule’ option. The ‘Windows Firewall with Advanced Security’ window appears, click ‘Outbound Rules.’
  • On the ‘Rule Type’ window, choose the ‘Program’ radio button, and then click the ‘Next’ button.
  • On the ‘Program’ window, check the ‘This Program Path’ radio button, and then specify the following path in the program path box.
  • Press the ‘Next’ button.
  • On the ‘Action’ window, choose the ‘Block the connection’ option, and then click ‘Next.’
  • On the ‘Profile’ window, ensure that the ‘Domain,’ ‘Private,’ and ‘Public’ options are selected, and then press the ‘Next’ button.
  • On the ‘Name’ windows, assign an appropriate name to the newly created firewall rule (for instance, Block QB Internet Connection), and then click ‘Finish’.
  • Exit the Windows Firewall window.

You won’t have any problems with the Windows upgrade once you’ve blocked QB from using the Internet.

The Advantages and disadvantages of This Method

This method works well if you’re accessing a QuickBooks data file on the same computer that’s running QuickBooks Desktop. However, this method will not work if the QB data file you want to open on the LAN is hosted by a different PC.

Solution 4 – Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

If none of the workarounds work for you, using QuickBooks built-in tools such as the QB Install Diagnostic Tool may help. The detailed steps are as follows:

Make sure to download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub on your machine before continuing with the steps below.

  • Launch QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • On the tool hub window, click the ‘Installation Issues’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.’

Note: The diagnostic tool can take up to 20 minutes to identify issues that prevent QB from opening. So, be patient and let the tool finish its work.

Once the tool has finished repairing your machine, restart it.

The Advantages and disadvantages of This Method

This does not imply that QB will open.

What Comes Next?

If the workarounds mentioned above do not resolve the ‘QuickBooks not opening’ issue, try contacting Intuit support. However, the problem could take days to resolve. As a result, expect some lag in accessing your QB data.

What Can You Do to Quickly and Efficiently Restore QuickBooks Data Files?

If you still can’t open QuickBooks after trying the above-mentioned workarounds, try restoring your QuickBooks data from the most recent backup file (QBB). If there is no backup, a professional QuickBooks file repair tool, such as Stellar Repair for QuickBooks software, may be of assistance. The software is intended for QB Pro Advisors and users to repair and restore QuickBooks Company files without risk of data loss.


If QuickBooks does not open after a Windows 10 update, try the workarounds discussed in this article in the same order. If you’re still unable to open QuickBooks, Stellar Repair for QuickBooks software can save you time and headaches by restoring the QuickBooks data file. The software’s straightforward and user-friendly interface makes repairing the Company file a breeze. It also aids in the recovery of all Company file (QBW) components.

However, if the error continues to be a nuisance, it is strongly advised that you contact our QuickBooks support team via our dedicated support line, i.e. You can contact us and have our US-based professionals resolve the problem on your behalf.

QuickBooks error

How to fix Outlook is Missing in QuickBooks Desktop problem?

Microsoft created Outlook, a system for sending emails via the web. Microsoft Outlook enables us to send various forms through emails set up in settings. In QuickBooks, there are three ways to send emails: via webmail, Outlook, or QuickBooks e-mail. The options available are quite varied. If you decide on Outlook is Missing and begin setting up QuickBooks Desktop to send emails, you might find that parts of the client’s email preferences are missing.

When you are using an older version of Outlook, this kind of error happens. Here, in this article, we’ll talk about some fundamental problems and how to avoid them, which may help you fix the Outlook that is missing in the QuickBooks desktop issue. you can contact QuickBooks support.

Outlook is Missing in QuickBooks

Causes of Outlook is missing in quickbooks Desktop Error

Several causes for this error. A few common reasons are:

Causes for that quickbooks send forms outlook missing or outlook is not an option in quickbooks send forms preferences. To know all possible causes read this post.

  • When there is a compatibility issue occurs.
  • Using an older version of Microsoft office.
  • Problem with Microsoft outlook setup.
  • You have not chosen Outlook as the preferred email program on internet explorer.
  • Your QB is hosted based on the Cloud and your service provider doesn’t install it.
  • When the outlook is not set as the default program.

Steps to change the mail preferences

  • Change the email preferences in quickbooks
  • Firstly, you have to open the quickbooks Desktop properly.
  • There you can see a setting option, Go to the Settings.
  • Choose the Edit Option, Select Preferences.
  • After that select the Send Forms option from preferences where you see the option of My preferences.

The whole process is like- EditPreferences> Send Forms> My Preferences

Steps to change the mail preferences

  • Change the email preferences in quickbooks
  • Firstly, you have to open the quickbooks Desktop properly.
  • There you can see a setting option, Go to the Settings.
  • Choose the Edit Option, Select Preferences.
  • After that select the Send Forms option from preferences where you see the option of My preferences.

The whole process is like- EditPreferences> Send Forms> My Preferences

Solutions for resolve Outlook is Missing in QuickBooks Desktop problem

Solution 1:- Using quickbooks latest Version

When you are going to the solution, Make sure that you are working on the latest version of quickbooks.

Solution 2:- check the Outlook Version

Ensure that your Outlook version is supported

  • Firstly the user needs to go to the outlook help menu and then choose the Microsoft office outlook from there.
  • Then validate the version information as well as the Build number to install the version of outlook and after that check the version of outlook for easily set up the email.
  • After that check the version of Microsoft outlook from the QuickBooks ribbon.
  • You need to double examine the outlook version
  • Also, check the compatible version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • And its QuickBooks system requirements

Solution 3:-Make Outlook as a default program

Setup the Outlook as a default email program

Outlook 2010/2013

Outlook 2010/2013
  • Firstly go to the File tab and then click on the Options.
  • Then under the Startup Options, Make the Outlook program default for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar

Outlook 2007 and earlier

  • Select tools Option and click on the Other tab.
  • Under the General setting, Select the Outlook program default.

Solution 4:-Set the default email program on Internet explorer

Set the Email program default in Internet Explorer

Before you started, Ensure that you have the Microsoft Outlook profile. Also, you should be able to send and receive emails from your Outlook profile

  • Select Tools and Internet Options in Internet Explorer.
  • Then Choose the program tab.
  • Follow this instruction for Internet Explorer 9.0,8.0 and 7.0 
    • At the bottom of the window, Select Set programs> Set your Program default.
    • Select your email application.
    • Click to set the program as a default and click OK.
    • After that Select set program access & computer defaults.
    • Choose Microsoft Window, and From the drop-down function, select Use my current Microsoft e-mail program then OK.
  • For Internet Explorer 6.0
    • Firstly, you have to close and reopen Internet Explorer.
    • Select Tools> Internet Options>program tab.
    • In Internet Explorer, Choose Outlook as the email program then Ok.
    • In quickbooks, Go to the Edit menu> preferences> Send forms> then my preferences tab.
    • Select your email program with send emails using a section.

Solution 5:-Edit the mail profile in windows

In Windows, Edit the mail profile setting

  • Go to the Window Start button, then Open the control panel on your Desktop.
  • In the Control panel field, On the top left, enter mail> Select mail in the result screen.
  • In the Mail setup window, Select show profiles. after that Select Always use this profile Option then select OK.
  • Open the QuickBooks and try to set it to use Outlook email.

Solution 6:-Edit the WIN.INI file

This type of file holds some system settings, including used for email.

  • Using your keyboard, press the window key, and type C:\Windows\. Press Enter.
  • Right-click on WIN.INI file, Select Copy and paste that file separate from the location as a backup.
  • Go back to the C folder and open the WIN.INI file again.
  • After editing the file, Select save> Close.
  • Close and open again your QuickBooks software.
  • In QuickBooks, Select edit menu> preferences and also check the send forms preferences. here you can see Outlook should now be an option.

Solution 7:-Run Detect and Repair in Outlook

Run and Detect the errors and repair your Outlook. After the repair, you may need to try again the solution 1,2,3.

Solution 8:-Uninstall and Reinstall the Office and quickbooks

  • Uninstall both QuickBooks & Office.
  • After uninstalling, Reinstall Office and QuickBooks again.

We hope that the above-given steps are helpful for you to resolve email issues on the QuickBooks desktop and you will get rid of the QuickBooks won’t send emails error. In the meanwhile, if you need any further information, you can contact us at Help is available round the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Outlook not working in QuickBooks?

Cause “QuickBooks Email Outlook Not Responding” Error?
The following are some of the most common reasons Outlook freezes when sending emails and files using QuickBooks:

  • You are running QuickBooks not using the administrator account on Windows OS.
  • Incorrect email settings in QuickBooks.
  • Incorrect email settings in Internet Explorer on Windows.
  • Damaged Installation of QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Inappropriate installation of Outlook application.
  • Microsoft Outlook app is already running in the background of the computer while you are trying to send an email from QuickBooks.
  • Damage in the MAPI32.dll file, which is an email configuration file.

How to Resolve Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks is a well-known accounting program for small and medium-sized enterprises. It has been developed with cutting-edge technology and user-friendliness in mind. The application facilitates financial duties and accelerates business growth. QuickBooks also ensures that emails are sent quickly and smoothly to all parties involved. However, QuickBooks occasionally fails to send emails. In this article, we covered the email issues of QuickBooks desktop that occur while mailing invoices to clients via QuickBooks. You can remedy this problem by following the procedures outlined below:

Error: QuickBooks is not able to process email to Outlook

The following can be the reasons for the same:

  • Email settings are not correct
  • .dll file has been damaged
  • QuickBooks runs as administrator
  • Incorrect or damaged QuickBooks installation
  • Damaged or incorrect Outlook installation
  • While sending email through QuickBooks, Outlook opens in the background

QuickBooks error

Best and Effective Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 1712

QuickBooks is great accounting software that has all the propelled choices to maintain your business worry with proficiency in an exceedingly effective methodology. The entrepreneur gets stacks of points of interest with the help of this bundle. Notwithstanding, commonly you will experience a slip while running QuickBooks on your framework. We should talk about QuickBooks Error 1712. If you want to know more about QuickBooks error 1712 then contact our QuickBooks experts at QuickBooks Support.

QuickBooks Error Code 1712 happens once there’s an issue with the bundle or any Microsoft part used in QuickBooks isn’t working appropriately. the consequent Error Message can appear on the screen: ‘We’re heartbroken! one thing went inaccurate with the establishment, Error 1712’. 

Why does QuickBooks Error 1712 occur? 

The purposes behind this error record underneath: 

  • The past variant of QuickBooks has not been evacuated appropriately. 
  • Tremendous Windows composed record Stack-Up. 
  • Malware or infection ambush on the PC. 

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error 1712? 

  • Manifestations of this error record beneath: 
  • A blue screen appears on the screen. 
  • The info gadgets don’t appear to be working appropriately. 
  • Issue while motility down the framework. 
  • Program lockup and framework physical change. 

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1712? 

You have to utilize all the means. How about we see the beneath steps to determine QuickBooks errors. 

Step 1: End The Process In The Task Manager 

  • Press ALt + CTRL + DEL on the console simultaneously to open the window task supervisor 
  • Right-click on QuickBooks and settle on Step. 
  • Select the tip Step catch to close the program. 
  • Presently Restart your framework. 

Step 2: Use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool 

  • Download the QB indicative apparatus from Intuit’s authentic site on your framework. 
  • Presently you need to introduce the instrument on your PC. 
  • The QuickBooks Install nosology instrument makes total to close all running applications while running. 
  • At the point when the establishment is done run the QB demonstrative instrument on your framework to repair the issues. 
  • This may take as much time as necessary. when the fix is done, click OK. 
  • Restart the framework. 

Step 3: Install QB in the wake of Downloading It

  • Download QuickBooks Desktop on your framework. 
  • Select the revision probability and decide on the QuickBooks version. 
  • Snap-on the exchange interface 
  • Press the starting to fasten and enter Regedit.exe inside the pursuit box after that click on the enter button. 
  • Follow the underneath referenced way in Reedit: 
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders 
  • Double-tap the App Data as of now 
  • The first qualities ought to get supplant with their own profile way 
  • Restart your framework and look for the errors 

In the above blog, we provide the best and most effective method to fix QuickBooks error 1712. I hope this blog will help you to fix QuickBooks error 1712 in your QuickBooks software. If any of the following steps do not work in your case then contact our technician at QuickBooks Payroll Support. Our qberrror006 expert team is always available to provide the best and most effective solution to fix issues related to QuickBooks or its products. In our expert team, there are many intuit certified technicians available to provide the best solution.

QuickBooks error

Easy Steps QuickBooks Error 404 Troubleshoot With by

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 404? QuickBooks has come a long way in the world of accounting software, thanks to its outstanding performance. QuickBooks is a software platform that allows small and small enterprises to use multiple functions such as bookkeeping, tax filing, and accounting all in one place. The software’s navigation is so simple that even a non-technical person can use it. All of these factors combine to place QuickBooks at the top of the list of the finest accounting software in the world. Everyone wants to own it because of the variety of functions it offers for a more efficient and effective workflow.

However, the software can experience technical difficulties from time to time, resulting in QuickBooks problems. These problems obstruct workflow and cause damage to data and other software stored in the system. If you are experiencing any of the QuickBooks difficulties on your device, please visit our website, as it contains all of the troubleshooting information for each QuickBooks error. You will undoubtedly resolve the error issue using these troubleshoots.

We’ll also give you some of the best troubleshooting to fix QuickBooks update issue 404 in this article. If your device prompts you with an issue, read our article all the way through since we’ll cover all a user needs to know about the error. So, take this guide’s lead and stick with us to the conclusion. So, let’s begin with a basic overview of QuickBooks error 404.

What is QuickBooks Error 404?

QuickBooks Error 404

Quickbooks Error 404 usually prompts up when the software fails to sync with intuit servers that means when Quickbooks software becomes unable to complete any update then this error occurs. The error can also be seen while doing the task related to installing Quickbooks Desktop and when the user has inappropriately shutdown or startup the windows.

Whenever the error occurs, our window prompts up with the text articulating “Error 404, Quickbooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” If you want to know about the operating systems that mostly face this error issue then read the list below.

List of Operating System

These are the operating system that mostly prompts up with Quickbooks service messages error 404.

  • Windows 2000
  • MS Windows XP
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Vista
  • MS Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows ME

QuickBooks Error 404 is caused by a number of factors.

  • If the user performed the installation and update process incorrectly. Then, because malware can corrupt QuickBooks software and other files, it may result in this problem. It may potentially cause harm to them.
  • If your system is infected with viruses or malware, the error text will appear on your device.
  • When the user makes modifications to the system, such as installing or uninstalling QuickBooks, the user may get the problem because the system’s windows registry is corrupted. Corrupted Windows Registry can also cause QuickBooks error 6189 and 816.
  • When a user leaves a file incomplete while downloading or installing something, this error can occur.

By understanding the causes, the user will be able to resolve the mistake by removing the causes from your system. To get rid of them, the user needs first to go through troubleshooting steps outlined below. Let’s start with the signs that will assist us to spot the mistake.

How to Identify Error 404 QuickBooks?

In order to identify the error, the user must go through the points below.

  • The webpage will not load on the screen of the system that the user is attempting to access.
  • The error message appears, indicating that the system is corrupted due to an error.
  • All open windows and running apps begin to slow down.
  • The windows shattered with a loud thud.
  • Windows responds slowly to commands entered with the mouse and keyboard.
  • The error 404 is signaled if the user sees the same URL after the page has been removed.

If the user notices any of these indicators or identifications on the system, he or she should troubleshoot as soon as possible, as this could affect the system and the data it contains.

Error 404 in QuickBooks: Troubleshooting

The user must follow all of the steps to resolve the error until it is no longer an issue. Before we get started on the steps, we’d like to point you that they’ll be a little tricky, so pay close attention to each one. Let’s get started.

1. Make a change to your system’s settings.

The user must first reconfigure the system settings as a first step in troubleshooting.

The user must first reconfigure the system settings as a first step in troubleshooting. The user can proceed with the solution by following the steps below.

  • The first thing you should do is open Quickbooks software and look through the firm files.
  • Begin the process at the point where the user last saw the issue.
  • You must first log out of the corporate file, then close Quickbooks.
  • Update your Windows system and restart your computer.
  • After that, go to Internet Explorer.
  • Select the tools option and then the internet choices from the drop-down menu.
Update your Windows system
  • Then, in the settings pane, go to the advanced tab and pick browse.
  • Close all programmes and click on save the information to take a step ahead.
  • Press the Windows + R keys on the keyboard to type msconfig, then hit OK.
QuickBooks error ##404
  • Now, on the system configuration screen, choose the general tab.
  • Go to the selective startup and click on that. 
  • After that, hit the OK button appearing at the bottom of the System Configuration Utility window.
  • Finally, finished all the processes by rebooting your system.

2. Verify the Internet Speed

If the above steps did not perform well in fixing the error. Then, verify the internet speed with these steps.

Verify the Internet Speed
  • Go to Internet Explorer and then, go to a website that is frequently opened by you.
  • Now, if you are having troubled while opening the URL, then refresh the internet setting and give it one more try.
  • Turn off and on the wireless router if the window shows the message saying “Page cannot be displayed.” and after that open URL.
  • After that, restart the system.
  • Setting Internet Explorer as the default browser might solve the issue so set it.
Setting Internet Explorer 
  • If you are having the error again in your system then dialing your internet service provider would be more beneficial.

3. Change the Internet Settings

  • First, visit Internet Explorer and choose tools and internet options.
error 404 QuickBooks
  • Now, select the Security tab and click on the trusted sites.
  • In the window Trusted sites, you will see the box named add this website to the zones. You need to add there * and *
QuickBooks error #404
  • Click on the close tab at the bottom and then, click the OK tab.
  • After that, you need to log out from the company file and close the Quickbooks.
  • Finally, open the QuickBooks again and do the process where the error came.

4. Update and Repair QuickBooks

Update and Repair QuickBooks

As many Quickbooks error prompts in the system because of using the outdated version of Quickbooks. So, move ahead with the steps and update and repair Quickbooks for fixing the error.

  • The very first step that you need to perform is to go to Quickbooks and then visit the help menu.
  • Now, select Update QuickBooks from the list.
select Update QuickBooks
  • Then, click on the open a company file and start doing the task due to which the error issue appeared on your system.
  • If you see the error again, then follow these next steps:
  • Press the two keys from your keyboard Windows + R.
  • Now, in the box enter Appwiz.cpl.
  • Then, select Quickbooks software that will appear in the list of installed programs.
  • Hit the repair tab.
  • At last, check the issue.

If the QuickBooks error 404 persists after you’ve completed all of these steps, read on to see if you can find a better solution to the problem in our conclusion section.


We hope that this post has helped you find a solution to the QuickBooks update problem 404 that you are experiencing. If the error issue is not fixed, you can contact a QuickBooks customer service representative. They will undoubtedly assist you in addressing the issue. or more QuickBooks error code list related query this visit webpage.

QuickBooks error

What is QuickBooks error 12031?

When QuickBooks customers try to upgrade the QuickBooks software or the QuickBooks payroll services, the QuickBooks error 12031 typically happens. This annoying and dangerous QuickBooks problem occurs when the network timeouts. This causes QB users to have difficulty using the program.

QuickBooks connectivity error 12031 usually occurs when the firewall and other system security applications are malfunctioning as a result of faulty or wrong settings.

What is Update QuickBooks Error 12031 shown on the screen?

The following is the error that appears on your screen as a result of ‘QuickBooks Update Error 12031.’

QuickBooks error message 12031: QuickBooks is unable to connect to the server due to a network timeout.

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll update error 12031 

There are many reasons for QuickBooks Error code 12031, and it’s important to find out which one is affecting your QuickBooks to malfunction. The ’causes list’ provided below will help you choose which areas to investigate in order to resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 12031.

  • Issues with Internet Connectivity Network Timeout – QuickBooks is unable to connect to the server because of this.
  • Updates are hampered by a firewall, anti-virus software, or Internet security.
  • Problems with the default browser
  • SSL settings are incorrect.

QuickBooks Error 12031 Symptoms

You are unable to update the QuickBooks or QuickBooks payroll service, which is one of the most common symptoms of QuickBooks error Code 12031. The problem message “network timeout” appears often, preventing QuickBooks from reaching the server.

Procedures to follow prior to implementing the solution

You will have to check for the below conditions before you start applying fixes

  • Verify sure QuickBooks is operating on the most recent version.
  • The operating system on the computer must be compatible and up to date.
  • Your internet connection is up and running.
  • Examine the software and hardware specifications that must be met.
  • Make sure you back up your QuickBooks Company Files.
  • Then go to the File menu item in your QuickBooks program.
  • Additionally, choose the Backup Company option.
  • Select an option. Make a local backup.
  • When the backup box appears, choose Local Backup and then click the Next button.
  • To find a place to store the backup file, click the Browse option.
  • When you’re finished, click the OK button.
  • After that, choose to save it immediately from the drop-down menu.
  • Then press the Next button to begin the backup.

How to resolve the issue of QuickBooks error 12031?

QuickBooks error 12031

The following is a list of possible solutions or fixes for ‘QuickBooks Desktop update error 12031.

Solution 1:

Select Help from the drop-down menu. After that, choose Internet Connection Configuration. Select “Utilize my computer’s Internet connection configuration to create a connection when this program accesses the Internet” from the drop-down menu.

After that, click Next, and then Done. You should try the update once more:

If you’re using QuickBooks 2008 or later, go to Help, then Update QuickBooks, and then Update Now.

QuickBooks versions before 2006: Choose File, then Update QuickBooks. Finally, choose Update Now. 

Solution 2:

  • The first step is to choose the Update Now option from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, choose the Reset Update option and press the Get Updates button.
  • If the software update still doesn’t work, try the following:
  • Verify the procedures for the Troubleshooting software and payroll update problems to check your Internet connection.
  • Verify for QuickBooks updates under the Configuring Internet security and personal firewall programs section. To set up your Internet security and personal firewall software, follow these steps.
  • Restart Microsoft Windows in Safe Mode and try again to download. If the problem persists after completing the previous procedures.

Solution 3:

To begin, go to your QuickBooks menu and choose “Internet Connection Setup.”

Then choose Internet properties from the drop-down menu. Following that, you’ll be able to examine the many tabs available on those Internet sites. You should pick the “Advanced” tab from the available options. After that, double-check that the advanced setting is correct.

Then you must press the “Apply” button. After that, press “OK,” and then dismiss this window.

Finally, you should exit QuickBooks and then reopen it to attempt the payroll update procedure again. This method may be effective in resolving the problem.

Solution 4:

The first thing you need to do is shut QuickBooks. Select Internet Explorer from the drop-down menu. Choose the option of tools and then put a check on internet Options. Click on the Globe symbol on the Security tab. Make sure this zone’s security level is no greater than Medium-High. Go to the Content tab and make sure the Content Advisor option is set to Enable.

If the button reads Deactivate, click it and input the password to disable the content adviser.

Establishing connections

Choose the Connections tab and proceed as follows:

When you don’t use the dial-up node (DUN) on the system, choose Never Dial a Connection. When you do use the dial-up node (DUN), see to it that the right ISP is selected.

Press the OK button. Press the LAN SETTINGS.

Once Ensure the Automatically detect settings option is selected. Make certain that the application a Proxy Server alternative is not selected. Use a proxy server and record the entire address and port if there is a tick. Use a proxy box; if the port is 80, uncheck the box on the LAN settings page. Select OK.

Moving onto advanced options

  • Select the Advanced tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Restore Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Under Settings, scroll down to see the Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 choices. (These choices may not be available in your Internet Explorer version.)
  • Confirm that Use TLS 1.0 is enabled.
  • Ensure that Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 aren’t enabled.
  • Choose OK to end the Internet Options window.
  • Reboot your pc after closing Internet Explorer.
  • Open QuickBooks and attempt updating it again to see whether the problem is still there.


When QuickBooks has difficulties communicating to the internet server, QuickBooks error 12031 occurs. It may also cause issues with your QuickBooks online services, such as payroll tax tables and banking. Users may easily fix it if they follow proper methods. If the above-mentioned solutions for Error 12031 do not resolve the issue, you can always contact our QuickBooks Error code list Support specialist. They would troubleshoot QuickBooks error 12031 and resolve the issue.