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Connect Your Square Integration Account With QuickBooks Online

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Small businesses of all sizes have adapted to new age automated accounting in the current scenario of a technologically infused lifestyle. Automated accounting provides your business with a number of advantages, some of which will be covered in this article’s final section. The first company that comes to mind when we discuss accounting and bookkeeping solutions is Quickbooks Online.

And we’ll give you a simple tutorial in this article on how to sync Square with QuickBooks Online. Let’s take a quick look at Square and QuickBooks before moving on to the Square QuickBooks Integration.

Customers can conveniently use their smartphones or tablets to make payments using Square, a global payment processor. By processing payments from customers using online, credit cards, and debit cards with ease, it makes life easier for the merchant. However, Square will probably deactivate your account if you work in a high-risk sector.

While you manage all of your transaction information and account data into your books, QuickBooks Online is an online bookkeeping solution.

How to connect with Square QuickBooks Integration Online?

Using PayTraQer, integrating Square and QuickBooks is simple and only requires a few clicks. You can complete this square QuickBooks integration process without being a techno Spike. Let’s learn some PayTraQer fundamentals before moving on to the syncing process. PayTraQer is a highly regarded automation tool that QuickBooks and Square data are synced with.

If you already have a QuickBooks and Square account, syncing them together is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Let’s begin the syncing procedure if you already have accounts set up on both platforms. Will we?

Additionally, the tool was created specifically for QuickBooks synchronization, making it completely reliable. In order to ensure that your books are accurate, PayTraQer synchronizes all the necessary information, including Square Customers, Sales, Payouts, Fees, and Taxes, into your bookkeeping software, namely QuickBooks Online. Moreover, manual data entry hassles are eliminated.

Getting Started with Square QuickBooks Integration

  • Locate and install the Square app through the QuickBooks app gallery. Follow the prompts to authenticate both of your accounts in the app.
  • After installation, begin importing your Square data. The daily syncing will automatically start the day when the app was installed. If you choose to download up to 18 months of previous data, you will need to allow 36 hours to complete the square QuickBooks sync.
  • If you already have Square transactions in QuickBooks, we recommend not downloading previous data to avoid creating duplicates.
  • Next, configure your basic settings and defaults for unmatched items. Once these items have been completed, click connect to complete the configuration.
  • To update your settings, click the Apps tab > My Apps > Settings

The Square integration increases QuickBooks’ power for your company. Managing your money and improving your efficiency are now simpler than ever.

Steps to Integrate Square and QuickBooks

 To begin with, you will have to link your Quickbooks account with PayTraQer. We have listed all the steps in detail,

Here’s how to set up Connect to Square and start importing your transactions.

Step 1: Set up QuickBooks
Here are a few things you can do to make QuickBooks handle your Square transactions exactly how you want it to before you start Connect to Square.

Your bank account should be linked to QuickBooks

Connect the bank account that Square uses to deposit money from your sales if you haven’t already. Once downloaded, QuickBooks can compare your bank transactions to those from Square.

Bring in Square goods and services

When importing transactions, the Connect to Square app automatically enters “Square item” for the product and service names. Once a product or service name is manually changed, the app remembers it and uses it for the same item in subsequent transactions. Nevertheless, you can completely avoid this work by importing your goods and services from Square:

  • Open Square and create a CSV file by exporting your goods and services.
  • Open QuickBooks and proceed as directed to import your CSV file’s contents of goods and services.

By doing this, you can be sure that Square and QuickBooks both have the exact same names for your products and services.

Step 2: Set up the Connect to Square app

Once QuickBooks is set up the way you want, you’re ready to connect it to your Square account.

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Visit the Connect to Square page in the QuickBooks Online app store.
  3. Select Get App Now.
  4. Select Get started.
  5. You’ll need to grant permission for QuickBooks and Square to share product details. Select Give permission.
  6. In the new tab that opens, enter your Square account login credentials, then select Sign in.
  7. Select the Square locations you want to sync with QuickBooks. Then, use the dropdown menu to select the bank account where you want to deposit that location’s sales. Select Next.
  8. For each of the selected Square locations, choose whether you want the app to import sales individually, or as a summary of your daily sales. Select Next.
  9. Use the dropdown menu to select a starting date for the transactions you want to bring in. Later, you’ll be able to choose which transactions you want to add into QuickBooks.
  10. Select Finish.

The Connect to Square app starts downloading your Square transactions to QuickBooks as soon as you’re done configuring it. The first import could take up to 30 minutes, depending on how many transactions you have.

The app will now periodically check your Square account for the most recent transactions.

Benefits of QuickBooks and Square Integration

Numerous advantages, such as time savings, the elimination of manual labour, accuracy, and others, come with Square integration with Quickbooks, but let’s concentrate on the main advantages that make it your best option.

  • It imports your Square sales invoices, taxes, tips, and discounts automatically. You don’t have to buzz-in every time a transaction takes place and wait for the data to be recorded manually into your books.
  • Reconciling your books is a breeze with matched bank statements of your deposits, payments, refunds, and fees.
  • You can create invoices automatically. All your sales-related and item details, and product categories, are recorded so that this data can be viewed without any hindrance.

I hope the article on syncing Square with QuickBooks and steps to stop the sync with the Square app proves to be helpful and easy to understand. By calling our qberror006 support number at +1(844)-563-1541, you can directly contact us with any questions you may have about this subject.